Friday, August 21, 2009

Travel knitting

Since our recent trip to Hearst Castle involved many hours in the car it allowed me to finish up a few knitting project.
I finished two more washcloths for the new bathroom. I have made several of these and haven gotten tired of the pattern yet. The yarn for these is organic and from KnitPicks. I just machine washed and dried one of then and it held up very well, so, I think that I may order some more of the yarn.
The other project that I was able to finish was a throw that I have been working on since December 08 for Lena. I thought about adding a border to it, but she says that she likes it the way it is. I can't complain because I really was sick of knitting all that garter stitch. The other nice thing about this throw it that all, but two skeins of the yarn we leftovers. That's right I had enough leftover pink and green Cascade 220 to almost make a blanket.... I wonder what that says about me!

And here is a close up of the blanket. I also was able to work on the pair of socks that I am currently knitting, but since I did not finish them and they are not that exciting I'll save the photos till I am done.

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Amy said...

The wash cloths look great. I really like the stitch. That is one great looking throw!! You sure have been busy!