Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fresh from the pumpkin patch

I needed a quick little Halloween gift for someone and I thought of this project that I had done in the past with a group of kids. It really is a nice simple hand sewing project for both kids and adults.

I started with a 7in diameter circle of orange felt (this felt is a wool blend so it is a bit easier to work with than). Stitch all the way around the circle with a strong thread and using a gathering stitch (just up and down).

Tug on both ends of the thread to gather the stitches, but don't tie it off yet.

Fill with some type of grain. I used buckwheat, but rice would also work well. Just use what ever you have. I filled mine about halfway but use less or more depending on your taste.

Add a small bit if some type of stuffing and tighten and tie off the threads.
The Pumpkin top is made my cutting a 2in or so circle out green felt with pinking shears. I then add a loop of felt through a slit in the middle of the circle. This own was hot glued because I pre-made a bunch of tops to do with a group of kids and in that case hot gluing was the most quickest way to do it. If you are just making one it would be easy enough to just hand stitch it and not heat up the glue gun.
The last step is to whip-stitch the top to the pumpkin bottom and enjoy.


Lisa said...

Very cute!

Amy said...

Cute. Where do you get wool felt? I can't seem to find it locally.

suburban farm said...

Thanks Lisa!

suburban farm said...

Amy- That felt was just from Joann's and it was only about 30% wool. Do you have Joann's near you? That said, their selection of wool blend felt can be a bit hit and miss.

Having the felt be a wool blend makes it feel a bit nicer and not be quite as stiff to work with.