Friday, October 16, 2009

Going a little bananas

I all started with this. As soon as Lena saw what I was working on she insisted it was exactingly what she had always needed.

It soon progressed to this.

Here is how she looked just a little bit ago. She now has her ears but I will haven't finished the tail. You can now tell that is is a sock monkey. When I saw this knit from KnitPicks I knew that had to knit it even thought I didn't know what I would do with it.

Seeing Carmen progress Lena decided that she wanted to make a sock monkey as a birthday gift for her friend. So, to the internet I went to find the proper sock to make a monkey out of.
We sewed him together yesterday evening. Much faster than knitting one!
This afternoon he got his heart.
His super hip vest that Lena made a designed her self.
Lena decided that he also needed a jaunty little scarf to complete the ensemble. Actually, she wanted to add pants, but I told her. "Don't be silly sock monkeys don't wear pants." I may have just wanted to be done with the project;)

I have a feeling that this blog is not done with monkeys yet!


Lisa said...

I want... um I mean, Samuel wants one too. He will either name him George or Pasta. That is what he calls all monkeys. George when he is being serious, Pasta when he is being ridiculous.

Amy said...

Love the monkeys. I have been wanting to make sock monkeys, but like you don't know what I would do with them--except to give them to my little monkeys!