Monday, September 29, 2008


I started these socks on vacation in July and when I got half way through turning the heel.... I realized that they had spliced the yarn and in doing that skipped three of the color repeats. I was so disgusted that I stuffed them in my bag and punished them by ignoring them completely. Well, I started to feel sorry for my poor socks and this weekend while David and I were in Monterey I tore out the half of a heel and joined in a section on yarn from another color repeat. I actually knit a whole round with both the old yarn and the new yarn to make sure that it wold not wear a whole at the join. I an happy with the method and I don't feel a bump at all where I was knitting with two yarns.

Lena's Ugly Doll in progress

Lena created this Ugly doll out of wool felt and embroidery floss. She designed the pattern herself and so far has done everything for herself. My unbiased (wink) opinion is that is is turning out adorably. I will post another picture after she has it all stuffed.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Vintage finds

This weekend I went with my hubby for an overnight to Monterey. He had a few meeting to go to, so I went to a few shops in the area. I found these great vintage Halloween at a thrift store in Pacific Grove. They were only 30 cents each. Such charming girls for less than a dollar! At the same store I also found this vintage print. I will look very good next to a silk embroidered picture that I got from my Grandparents when they died.

My mother-in-law gave me these embroidered rooster linen tea towels. I love them and the best part is that she found them for 25 cents a piece.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Another pencil holder shot

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Here it is ready for action.

Pencil Holder

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Here is a pencil holder that I made out of flannel for my DD Lyra color pencil collection. The pattern came from the premier Living Crafts Magazine. The only change I made was to use a ribbon to close it with because I like the look and she is old enough to tie.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Planning a slip cover

I am planning on making a slip cover for my couch and ottoman. The couch is still very solid but the fabric is starting to show it's age (and all the abuse that the kids have dished out). I will start by slip covering the ottoman because it is a much simpler job. Below are all my measurements for the ottoman that I used to figure out how much fabric to buy.
This is that pattern that I am using for my starting point. I also purchased a special piping foot for my serger to help with all the miles and miles of piping that I will be making for this job.

Knitted Farm Exchange

Today I swapped squares for the Knitted Farm Co-op that I have participated in. Not all of the people were able to make to make it so my picture only has nine of the twelve. I will knit up some strips to to make roads in between the different squares.

Friday, September 12, 2008


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I love the Strawberry fabric

Vintage Quilt

Here is the labor of love that has been taking up most of my creative time. It is a vintage quilt top that my Great-grandmother made. I thought about machine quilting it until I saw that all the quilt squares were hand sewn together. It just seemed wrong to use a sewing machine on something like this. I am nearly done with the inside of the quilt! It has taken forever to get to this point because I don't even have a proper quilting frame. I am just using an hoop. I have a nice light green fabric to use to make the binding on and I think that I will use the sewing machine to do that job! Here are three shots of the quilt squares. They are a bit washed out as I had to use the flash to get the pictures, but I just love the old fabrics.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Garden Delite

Gardening is so amazing. We needed a tomato for tonights diner so out the the garden I go and what do I find.... a lovely yellow heirloom tomato. Talk about eating local.

Crafty Girl

Lena has been crafting up a storm. Here is a picture of her creating a color pencil fish today. After this picture was snapped she also made a picture of a horse.

Here are her creations from yesterday Newspaper Ned and Paper Frankenstein.
In this detail shot you can see that Ned has school books he is a teacher.