Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day

This little strip of earth is a bit cleaner today.
And two bags of plastic bits and pieces are no longer on their way to the San Francisco Bay and the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

Hope your earth day was a good one!

Monday, April 19, 2010

All about the lace weight

It all started with this test of my weaving skills. It is the first project on my loom that I didn't just use scrap yarn for. Unfortunately, I had almost a 3/4s of a skein on the orange lace weight weft yarn and I didn't want it to go to waste.

So the leftover got tunred into this. It only took me a week to make although it was a week where I had more than average knitting time because we drove down south to Disneyland. Since I didn't have to do much of the driving it allowed for a lot of knitting time.

Here is the same scarf on the blocking wires.

And on to the next lace project...

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Passover 2010

Last Monday our family all traveled to the South Bay to David's uncle and aunts's house to celebrate the first night of Passover.

Before we officially began Lauren a Klezmer piece for us to set the mood. It was lovely to hear her play for us.

Lena being the youngest sang the four question for us all.

The most photographically interesting part of the evening, of course, is when everyone loads up their matzah with horseradish and takes a big bite.

Sock, socks all around

I finally finished that socks that I was making for my brother's birthday. They are from Socks from the Toe Up a book that I adore, but whose socks always turn out to wide for the narrow feet in my family. I have yet to find a sock pattern that I don't have to adapt to my families feet to make them fit.
The yarn is just Knit Picks kettle dyes that they discontinued. I think that people didn't like it because they didn't have that much shade variation in the yarn. I hope that they do come out with another kettle dyed sock yarn because I really do like kettle dyed and knit picks prices are great. I have found that their sock yarns do hold up to being used just like commercially knit socks.

Of course, I need to cast on another pair of socks and the Koo-aid dyed socks won the day...