Thursday, October 8, 2009

Getting the hubby ready for Fall

I finally finished my take on the Cambridge Jacket by Ann Budd it only took a year and a half to do. I had read from other people that the sleeves on this sweater were too wide. When everyone is having the same problem with a pattern you should assume that you will have the same problems. I started out with the best of intentions and reduced the arm stitches right from the start. Oh, well I still had to re-knit those sleeves and armhole shaping at least three time. This sweater spent more time in time-out than another sweater that I have ever knit.
This is the hubby modeling the sweater for me and when I complained about his modeling job this is what I got.

Ummm, thanks honey that is very nice (the sound of me rolling my eyes)

Oh, and the lucky man also got a new pair of toe-up socks. He isn't any better at modeling socks than he is at modeling sweaters. Oh, well.


Lisa said...

Suzette, that's really nice. A wonderful sweater! Hope to see you soon.

Amy said...

That sweater is awesome--it's great that you got him to model in the first place! Love the socks. I so want to knit some socks!!!

Handmade and Homespun said...

Wowzers! I'm very impressed. What an awesome sweater. How long does it take an experienced knitter like yourself to complete something like that? And those socks! I need to try knitting socks.