Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Into the frypan and onto the plate

I had a little extra time today so I decided to make fresh tortillas for our burrito dinner. The thing about fresh tortillas is that nobody cares if they are funny shaped, because they taste so damn good.

Here is my recipe:

1 cup whole wheat flour
1 cup white flour
1 teaspoon salt
.25 teaspoon baking powder
1.5 tablespoons vegetable oil
.5 cup warm water

Mix all the dry ingredients together. Then add the oil and slowly add the water until the dough comes together up isn't too sticky to handle. You may not need all the water and if the dough is too stick just knead in a little more flour.

Make sure you preheat your skillet to almost smoking hot (I use my cast iron skillet for this job).

To make burrito size tortillas divide the dough into 4 to 6 pieces forming each piece into a ball. The recipe will make about 12 smaller snack size tortillas.

On a well-floured surface roll the thing as thin as you can. I know I should provide some measurement here, but honestly it just takes some practice to get the hang of it.

Oil the skillet (used spray oil to make things easy) and slap the tortilla down. If your skillet is hot enough the tortilla should bubble relatively soon. When it bubbles turn is over to cook the other side.

While you are cooking the rest of your tortillas wrap the finished ones in a kitchen towel.

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