Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Catching up

After a four day weekend I am trying to settle back into my routine and get back up to my blog. To make it easy on myself I'll show the bag that I just finished knitting for my mom. After a trip through the washer it should be nice and sturdy.
And on another note something that I totally did not make although they are hand made by one of my favorite potters, Nancy Quickert. We had her make us some tea cups with handles, we already had teacups without handles, but one can never really have too many teacups.

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Amy said...

Love the bag! That is so cute! And the teacups are so lovely--you're right, you can never have enough!

Thanks for the persimmon! I would have never guessed. I can't wait until fall to see if they turn colors! I don't think I have ever had persimmon.