Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Bathroom storage

I am not sure that anyone is interested in how we organized all our bathroom stuff, but I took photos so I'll go ahead and over share.

The medicine cabinet contains only thing that are used on a daily bases. Once I edited down to things that are used on a daily bases I found that we had extra shelf space in our new medicine cabinet.

We have four large shelves in our bathroom linen closet. I gathered up all the empty storage bins that we had around around the house. On the floor of the closet we have room for a basket of first aid supplies, a bin of cleaning supplies, a basket for dirty laundry and our bathroom scale. On the next shelf I placed bin with medicines, extra towels and bathmats.

After a empty shelf on which I think I will use for our sheets. I have three more bins. The largest bin has all the extra stuff that we use very infrequently. The medium bin for extra lotions and supplies. Smallest is for nail supplies.

The vanity has three drawers. The bottom has hand towels and a few rolls of toilet paper

The middle drawer has all the hair do-dads that an eleven year old can use.
One more drawer for washcloths and a few other things, like Efferdent for my daughters retainers!


Amy said...

Love how the medicine cabinet is mirrored! So much storage space!

Anonymous said...

I came over from Amy's blog. This is a great post. Very inspirational--I think I will work on my batheroom soon.