Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Look Ma no cast

Okay, you may remember that my daughter Lena broke her arm back in November. Well, today she got her cast off, hopefully for the last time. No she has not had the same cast on for the hole time. What she did was to re-break her arm about a week after the first cast got off. This time it was no green stick fracture. The bone has to be set which required us to spend a hole evening in the emergency room and have her put under sedation. I think that for a parent there is nothing quite so scary as seeing your child sedated. Seeing the life drop out of your sweet little thing is so hard. I really feel for parents of very ill children who have to see that every time their kid needs a procedure. Here she is in the ER with cast number two. (Sorry the photo is not great, I did not take the camera to the ER, but of course I had my cell phone.)And here is that same arm today.
The orthopedist did not seem particualry concerned that the bone is not straight as you can see in the above picture. He said that kids bone can straighten 10 degrees every year.
I promise my next post will contain some actual crafting.

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Amy said...

That sounds traumatic! Hope she's doing well.