Friday, November 21, 2008

New Cast at our house

No, not a new cast of characters just a new bright green arm cast. My lovely daughter (pictured above) decided to try a Tarzan like swing from a rope swing on Tuesday. At first we thought that she had just sprained it badly. For two days we did the ice and wrap it up thing, but alas that was not enough. So off to her very nice doctor today and voila a cast.
She really is handling things quite nicely even though she is very bummed about missing next weekends annual indoor soccer tournament. I also got the full story on the fall today and I am really glad that a broken arm was all she has to show for the adventure :0


Lisa said...

My goodness! Isaiah told us about this and I wondered if Lena was alright. Yikes...


Lena! I hope you're feeling okay! Isaiah told a very dramatic account of your fall so I wasn't sure really how bad it was!
See you soon!


steve said...

Hope Lena is feeling ok, we'll come by to sign it after Thanksgiving :)

Aviv said...

I deal with students breaking their arms all the time. I can tell when it is done on purpose when it is the writing hand that's broken. If I remember correctly, Lena is right handed so I must conclude the fall was planned to avoid a big assignment that was due in a day or two. No getting out of it, Lena! You'll have to complete the work left-handed. (Wishing you a quick and complete recovery!)

Amy said...

I'm glad she is doing well and gets lots of signatures! :)