Friday, November 7, 2008

Project Round up

I have finished quite a few totally unrelated project over the last week or so. Above is the cowgirl skirt that I made for my daughter for Halloween. We designed it together and tried to make it something that she would wear again. We succeeded! She wore it this week over a pair of jeans and it looked so cute. I used the Sew U book to help design, of course the patterns were not the right size for my daughter but it was helpful to have the book to use as a reference because I have never really sewn clothing before from a pattern that I created from scratch. Below it a picture of the skirt in action on Halloween night.

I picked this fabric last month to make some throw pillows for my couch.
Here are the gloves that I made for my husband. He will use them for his ride to work on his bike. They go very well with his day-glow yellow wind breaker. The pattern is Annemor #7 from the Selbuvotter knitting book.

One more throw pillow!


Lisa said...

I love all your projects--especially the throw pillows. The bird fabric speaks to me. Oh, and the gloves are gorgeous!

Amy said...

Those gloves are amazing! Love the pillows, too!