Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Finished Quilt

Now that all the vacation pictures are posted for everyone to see. I can get back to my regular blogging which is usually about stuff that gets made around our house. Last Friday I finished the quilt below. I been working on this quilt for over a year (it might be over two, but I will not cop to that). During that years time (or two years time depending on who you ask) I have decided that I really am not that fond of hand quilting and will find just about any excuse to avoid doing it e.g. "I can't work on the quilt tonight because I need to clean the lint out from between my toes." ;) Anyhow now I know why they held Quilting Circles.

Anyhow this quilt was special. I didn't make the top it was made by my Great-Grandmother and I had decided that I wanted to quilt it up for my Mother as a gift, so I snuck it out of her house and got to work. After looking at the quilt top I realized that all the squares were hand sewn together and at that point I knew that I would be doing the quilting by hand. It just seemed wrong to use a machine to quilt this baby.
Unfortunately I did not get a picture of the finished quilt before my mom took it home with her this weekend. I really don't know what I was thinking, but here are some pictures that I took while the quilt was in process.

I just love these vintage fabrics. My great-grandmother made many quilts in her life time, but I love these scrap quilts the best. To me they are like a window to another time.
I also have another quilt top that she made that I am going to quilt up for myself, but like the pains of child birth I need to forget a little how much I disliked the process before I can convince myself to start another hand quilting project.


Amy Hodge said...

This is so lovely! I'm impressed that anyone has the patience to hand quilt an entire quilt, but I totally get the quilting bee thing. If I could sit and talk to people while I hand quilted I could probably do it all day (she says, though she's never even tried it!).

Lisa said...

I can relate to the hand quilting. It is a lengthy process and the last time I did it I needed to build up some callouses. It's a beautiful quilt. I love the vintage fabrics.

Amy said...

Oh my! That is one beautiful quilt! And you hand finished it! That is so awesome. I hate hand sewing--won't even hem something if it can't be done on the machine, I use masking tape! Shhh, don't tell!