Saturday, November 22, 2008

From cast to cast iron

The other day I posted a picture of our corn bread in our small cast iron skillet. I thought I would write a post about my cast iron collection. My favorite if the pan in front because it has a rather large cooking area, but is also very light (for cast iron). I use both of the larger pans for making pizza, but I have seen pans specifically designed for pizzas. I also have the large Dutch oven in the back that does not see much use. Hubby had visions of using this puppy over a campfire, but we usually leave it at home because it is so heavy. Here are the reasons I love cast iron:
It's rather inexpensive
It has no nasty chemicals
It lasts almost forever if treated well.
It cooks so well.

To clean our cast iron we just use a brush and plain water to clean up when we are done cooking. I like to run it under the water and clean it while it is still warm then let it air dry, if you wait until the pan is cool them you need to dry it soon to prevent rust.


Tim said...

Ditto on the love of cast iron. Other cleaning tip: For stubborn, stuck-on stuff, don't waste time with water and the scrub brush. Throw half a handful of salt into the pan, add a few drops of water, and fold up a paper towel into a small pad. Scrub the pan with the salt and water paste, which is very abrasive but fine for the cast iron, then rinse out the salt. Allow to air-dry, or put it back on the stove for a quick dry. A rub-down with a quarter-sized drop of veg oil and another folded paper towel pad will protect it from rust until its next use, and will give it a nice, rich gloss.

Amy said...

Love cast iron. I nearly died when I watched my MIL scrub her's with soap. She had scrubbed all the black off!! Isn't there a law against that sort of thing??