Sunday, November 9, 2008

Another day another door!

We have installed another door (our third and hopefully final door) in our house this weekend, but this time it is in a place where we previously just had a window. We were so happy to get rid of the ugly aluminum window in my daughter's room. We decided that we would rather have a door that lead out to the deck than a window. This project also had some added work because the siding on the left side of the window a lot of dry rot so that needed to be replaced.
Here is David starting to pry the old window out.
This is a bit scary because at this point there is really no going back .
Here is the door installed. Notice the patriotic theme that we have going on to the left of the door. The reason for this it we were able to purchase used siding at a local salvage place. It feels nice to used other people's waste to repair your house. Since we will be painting our house relatively soon we will use this area to test out our new color schemes. We also have some finish work to do on the inside of the wall where we have to add more drywall.

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Aviv said...

Awesome! You guys are so crafty! I wish I had half your creativity and handiness.