Sunday, February 15, 2009

Clapotis times two

Okay, usually I try to stay away from trendy knitting projects. The great fun about having a hand knit item is that they are unique and if thousands of people are making the same thing as you, well there goes unique. With that out of the way sometimes the reason that everyone is making the same thing is because it is great. Kate Gilbert's Clapotis is that kind of knitting. Yes, everyone and their mother are making one, but that is because it is a fun, easy and not too boring project. It also doesn't hurt that the pattern is free on Knitty. I already had the yarn and the pattern was free, what the heck? Why not follow the herd? This one was made in with two skeins on Mountain Colors 4/8s wool. Above is the scarf before blocking and the photo below if the scarf during the blocking process. My recomendation for this pattern is you are using wool is to block. After I bocked mine the scarf draped so nicely.

Here it is again after the blocking was done. I used the pattern for some Rowan bamboo tape yarn that I had. This one I did not block, but the bamboo is so heavy already I was afraid to get is wet and try to shape it. Besides is really didn't seem to need it.

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Amy said...

Those are really beautiful! And the pattern is free and easy? Perhaps even I could figure it out!