Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Introducing Elodea

After looking at other peoples blogs I noticed how well dress forms display ones knitted or sewn items and I mentioned my desire to my mother-in-law and Voila! So, here she is, Ms. Elodea. Yes, elodea is a common water plant, but Lena (my youngest daughter) thought that is was pretty so we ran with is. She also had great fun dressing Elodea up and adding a head because she said that she looked creeping with out one.Elodea does not look quite as nice when you see her undressed. She does have a nice figure although she does need some work. I have to decided if I should recover her or leave her the way she is. The top is very faded by the sun and I would love to put some cheery fabric on her, but I also know that when you mess with "vintage" things you "destroy" the "value." In the end I suppose I will do what ever I find to be the most valuable to me. What do you think? Better to leave her be or monkey around with her?And here she is doing a little modeling for me. I was not quite sure how clean she was so I made her wear an old T-Shirt to protect my hand knits.
And scarf number two which I really love. I will post again with the specifics of the yarn and the pattern that I used.
PS I think I am developing a thing for scarfs. I have never been much of a scarf knitter, but look what I found on the morning paper! Another scarf. The cast-on fairy must have worked her magic last night. This one is made from Urban Silk yarn and should be nice and cool for spring.

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