Thursday, October 23, 2008

Traveling to Costa Rica 10/14

We departed in the early morning hours from SFO (Thank You Lauren for dropping us off at the airport) There is not much to say about the first day of our trip except that five hours is a long time to spend in the Miami Airport. I really think that you could see the whole airport in under four hours, no problem;) We had a really smooth trip and arrived in San Jose, Costa Rica to a light rain and our first mini-culture shock. We were supposed to have a driver from the hotel, but he (there were no female drivers/tour guides etc. throughout our trip) was nowhere to be found. But we were somewhat prepared (the hotel said to take a cab if the driver didn't show up, which makes one wonder if they ever show up). The cabdrivers were relentless. Each one of more than two dozen beckoning, cojoling and lunging towards our luggage. However, all the guide books warned us to take only the official "orange taxis" so we retreated into the relative safety of the terminal to order a cab. It probably shouldn't have been, but it was a little chaotic.

After a quick cab ride to our hotel near the San Jose Zoo we then settled in for the night.

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