Saturday, October 25, 2008

Costa Rica 10/15 (Day 2 part 2)

At noon we were picked up at our Hotel and headed to our ultimate destination, Manuel Antonio. On the way there we stopped at a Soda/fruit stand. In case you were wondering the photo above is of the fruit stand and the photo below is our lunch of Chicken Casado. Lena was over the moon when she found out that we were going to have white rice and beans at every meal (No, really she loves beans and she never gets white rice at home).

This next shot is of our friendly house creature. Every house in Costa Rica should come with a surprise young Black Iguana in the bathroom? At about 8:30, after the girls had gone to sleep, Robert (our father/father-in-law/grandfather), who was traveling with us, could be heard squealing from his bedroom. Suzette and David came to investigate to find Godzilla staring at us. We attempted to chase him out the door, but instead he ran into the shower. David, standing on the the toilet, attempted to usher him out with a towel. But after a significant amount of hissing, he bit the towel. At that point David attempt to drag him out the door by the teeth. He got about halfway when Godzilla decided to run underneath the headboard of the bed. At that point, David figured that was good enough. But Robert seemed somewhat unsatisfied. So the three moved the bed and, with one group lunge, urged Godzilla back to his natural habitat.

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Aviv said...

David. . . under the bed is acceptable?! I would have flipped had you tried to leave me with a monster like that under my bed. Forget the monkey claw scar on your head; you could have been eaten alive by that pre-historic creature!