Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Day 5 in Costa Rica (10/19)

Day 5 was our horseback ride. We were picked up at 7:30 and we headed out to an area North of Quepos. The "company" we used is called Brisas del Nara, but it is really just a family that has horses. We were picked up by the owner, fed by his wife and were escorted by their approximately 19-years-old Nephew, Eric.

Eric was really awesome/impressive, but his situation was somewhat sad. It was clear from speaking with him that he was extremely bright. And he disclosed that he hoped some day to be an architect. But it was our impression that he felt responsible to continue to work for his uncle (notwithstanding his own desires) escorting tourists because he was the only person who spoke English well.

In any event, before our ride we were fed breakfast. We had the best pico de gallo pinto of our trip, really the best Costa Rican food of our trip. We then headed off.

The ride was beautiful:Eric explained that the flower on a plant we passed (below) was the source of the scent for Channel No. 5. It did smell nice.
More nature:
The horses seemed very healthy (below). This was the only tour that we had that wasn't "private", which we think was due to the fact that it was the off-season. We were joined by a nice couple from Chile.
Our final destination (after approximately 1.5 hours aboard) was a waterfall, which we could see from afar:
and eventually from anear:

Below the falls was a natural pool, which was extremely refreshing. You could dive off a rock appoximately 1o feet above the pool. After our swim we started back. Shortly thereafter it started to pour rain, which was actually quite nice. In general, getting rained on in Costa Rica is a pleasure as long as (1) you are wearing quick dry; and (2) it eventually stops.

In any event, upon our return, we were fed lunch. David had his first Imperial beer (signs for it are everywhere in Costa Rica) and we were driven home by about 3.

It ended up raining for the rest of he day and we just lounged about the house. In all, it was a great day and the only "normal" Costa Rican weather we had all week.

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