Sunday, October 5, 2008

Knock Knock...

Today Hubby and I replaced our front door. Our house was built in the 1950's and it had, up until today, a horrible hollow white door that you see in the picture above. I wish I had snapped some in process pictures, but honestly no-one (and by no-one, I mean hubby) was in the mood for pictures during the door replacement process. Needless to say the whole process did not go smoothly. We got the door in just fine, but the door knob....... required three trips to the hardware store. On the third trip we returned the handle and bought a whole new one. The new door handle took all of 30 minutes to install!!!!! I am never sure it the reason the Hubby and I take on these project is that we are braver than other homeowners or just stupider.
Jess supervised the whole door project. He is very good at that job; he never criticizes and never takes a coffee break.

Here is the door in and ready for stain and trim.

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Hen said...

The door looks lovely; although it was a nightmare to fit, you must be very pleased now. I just love your dog too!
Hen x