Thursday, October 30, 2008

Day 6 in Costa Rica (10/20)

Day 6 was left open as a whatever day. After breakfast we rented a boogie board and headed to the beach. We went through our gate:
And this was our view.
If we looked to the left, we could see Manuel Antonio National Park.
Looking to the right we cold see the ridge where some of the Ritziest hotels are, including Si Como No and adults-only Makanda by the Sea.
By 2 o-clock everyone was pretty pooped and David had earned the worst sunburn of his life. He was not aware that there is more UVA, UVB closer to the equator. He also did not think to reapply sunscreen. As of the writing of this Blog, David's shoulders are still red. That evening he went through almost an entire bottle of aloe. Lena, however, continued to enjoy the pool.
While mom and grandpa watched.
That evening, we had our only fancy meal of the week. We caught the only cab we took all week to Ronny's Place. It is located on a bluff just south of Quepos. The restaurant has a roof but is open all all four sides. The view is beautiful.
We drank out of pineapples and coconuts (Suzette had a star-fruit margarita) while the rain came gently down.
The food was fantastic.
There was wildlife on walls.
And on the rafters (yes that is a moth the size of your hand).
And jumped into our laps.

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Lisa said...

That moth looks like a bat!