Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Fabric covered bullentin board

As my bathroom remodel continues to chug along and is not currently providing many interesting picture I thought that I would share another project that I finished a couple of weeks ago. My oldest daughter has a lovely bulletin board set in her bedroom. It was on the pricey side and DD#2 did not like any of the covering options that it came in. I am not really into spending money on things that you don't really like so, with two yards of Amy
Butler fabric and a trip to the office supply store here is what we came up with for her room.

These are just 12 x 12 cork tiles but they are a bit thinner than I wanted so I just used Elmer's Glue to glue them together.

About this much glue to be precise.
Set a heavy book on them and let is sit for about 10-12 hours. When the glue was dry I used pinking shears to cut a square of fabric about an two inches bigger than the tile. Using my regular desk stapler (I was too lazy to find the big stapler in the garage) I liberally stapled the edges down and then used nine of the adhesive squares per tile that the tile package to stick them to the wall. I might regret this last part in the future when I have to get that stick stuff off the wall, but for now I am livin' dangerously.
This really was a fun and easy project to do.

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Amy said...

Here's to living dangerously! That looks great! Good idea to glue two together.