Tuesday, July 7, 2009

It is about to get exciting....

in our bathroom. Now that is a sentence that you don't hear everyday and probably don't want to hear. Tomorrow the tiling starts and that will make the biggest difference. The pictures are not much to look at now but, the remodel should really be taking shape by the end of the week.
Here is the bathroom when we left for the July 4th weekend.
And here is is today. That large space on the right hand side of the picture is going to be a linen closet. I may be more excited about this that any other feature of the bathroom. Well placed storage is really lacking in our house and I am so excited about having a closet in the bathroom.

Just so you don't think that all I've been up to lately is drooling over my new linen closet. Here is a picture from a hike to Chillkoot Lake that Hubby and I took with my dad's senior hiking group. The lake was cool and calm so my hiking buddy Jess got to go for a long swim.

Doesn't Jess look like he enjoyed his swim.

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