Tuesday, July 14, 2009

In progress

Nothing around here seems to be able to be finished. I think it is the tile guy's fault. Well, at least he started it. The tile on the bathroom remodel is still almost done. It has been almost done since Friday. My project seem to be following suit. I keep working on them but, they don't seem to get any closer to finished. Since I can't seem to finish anything I will show you what I am currently working on.

A knitted log cabin throw in picks and greens that is taking forever. I started this in December...I am so over this project
As always I am working on a pair of toe up socks. I always have a pair of these in process, so lac of progress on this project is not really bothering me.

I have this quilt sitting next to my sewing machine....I can't find my walking foot. I am a bit worried that one of my lovely children "put it away" for me if that is the case then I had better go buy a new one because I'll never be able to find it.And last of all a sheep felted bag that I am making for my mother.
Really, all these are taking to long so, I think that I should start a new project.


missus.mint said...

I love how your throw is turning out!

Amy said...

I always start a new project when others take so long! ;)
Love the throw....And that rose fabric is so gorgeous! I hope you can find your walking foot. I love it whenever the kids decide to be helpful.