Monday, July 27, 2009

Day Trip

This weekend hubby and took a day trip up to the north bay to visit our daughter at her camp and pick up our annual supply of beef. We decided a few years ago that we did not want to participate in the industrialize meat food chain. We bought a chest freezer for the garage and started buying beef from Chileno Valley Ranch in Petaluma. We purchase our meat this way because we believe it is safer and healthier for us and we know that it is heather for the cattle. The cattle are born on the ranch and never leave it. This means that they are never fattened up like feed-lot cows this makes the meat leaner and I think tastier. I'm stepping of my soap-bax now and will just show the picture of our trip.

First we picked up Sara from her camp job and took the very greatful girl out to lunch in St. Helena. My girl like to enjoy a good meal and to her "camp food" is not a good meal to her.

Then we walked around St. Helena for a bit. I just had to take a photo of their lovely art deco post office.
and the gazibo in the public park. It is all most too small town USA to be real. After taking Sara to the store and deli for more snacks to take back to camp with her we took the senic route to Cotati to pick up our meat from the butcher who also sells pasta.
See no joke. He is the pasta king!
In case you are wondering, this is what the meat from a half of a cow looks like in the back of our little car. After picking up the meat we enjoyed the ride home.
All that green is vinyards.
And more vineyards.

Over the Golden Gate Bridge, now all that is left is to pay the six dollar bridge toll and go home.

Not to leave it out, all the time in the car, allowed me to get some knitting done more on that later.

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