Tuesday, June 30, 2009

And the bathroom remodel begins

After much hemming and hawing, the work on our bathroom finally started. I have to say that I am quite proud of David(hubby) and I, as we were able to plan the entire bathroom and only have one fight with any real heat. That is a successful project in my book. Now I only hope that the sharing the one remaining bathroom between four people (one of whom is a teenager) goes as smoothly.

It is such a relief to have our old bathroom gone. It may have been the worlds ugliest bathroom, but now it only exists in photographs. And here is the photographic evidence.

Ahhh, brown bathtub, I can't say that I will miss you. Nope can't say that at all.

Nor will I miss your best friend ugly, leaky, brown bidet. Also at the top of the picture you can see a bit of one of the best parts of the bathroom the plastic, oh yes, I did say plastic window.

And this is the real reason that the bathroom took priority over all other house projects... the hole in the bathroom floor. Yes, it did go all the way to the crawl space under the house and David was convinced that he was going to walk into the bathroom and fall right through the floor. Unfortunately the bathroom remodel will do nothing to prevent piles of dirty clothes that get left on the bathroom floor, like the ones in this picture.

Here is what the bathroom looked like at the end of the day today everything was gutted except for my lovely plastic window. And they had repaired the floor joists.
See all new floor joists and subfloor. I also liked seeing the steps to nowhere under our bathroom floor. Makes me feel a bit Winchester Mystery House.


Amy said...

Hooray for bathroom remodel! I know already that it'll look better than the before pictures! I'm really glad you had a brown bathtub--I thought we were the only ones with one...we still have ours though!

suburban farm said...

Well, we still have the GREEN bathtub n the other bathroom!