Thursday, June 11, 2009


The hard part for me about designing something is all the decisions. I love the creative part where you just come up with ideas, but them you actually have to decide how to proceed. I always worry that I will make the wrong choice. For the last two week I have been spending a lot of time on two design projects. The first one is pretty simple I am writing up a pretty simple knitting pattern to post to my blog. Below is a photo of the work in progress. I am pretty excited because I am pretty close to finishing it and being able to share my pattern.

The designing project is a bit more complex. I am designing our bathroom remodel. I have found making all the decisions for this kind of project a bit overwhelming, but I am eager to share photos of the bathroom once work gets started.

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Amy said...

I know what you mean...It took us 2 years to re-do the laundry room and we already had the tile for the floor! I just couldn't decide what else to do!