Thursday, January 8, 2009

Today is a good day

I don't know what it says about me, but the reason today is a good day is that my washing machine is fixed. Last week my lovely teenager tried to murder my hard working Kenmore washing machine. Her method was really quite simple: 1 throw all her clothes in the washing machine, 2 shut the door, 3 start the washer and 4 ignore all the horrible sound that the washer made. The one thing that she had neglected to do was make sure all the clothes were securely in the machine when she started it. I turns out that front-loaders (did you expect this tree-hugger to have any other kind of washer!) don't like it when you run them with bits of clothes stuck between the door and the gasket. It does bad things...... like say..... pull the gasket off the washer. Anyhow we have been with out a washer since then, but now we are back in action.

I am so happy that my washing machine is fix that I don't mind that I had to wait around the house for four hours waiting for the repair man.I thought about posting a picture of the load of clean laundry to celebrate, but in all honesty what I washed was dog towels (the towels that are so shabby that humans refuse to use, but that dogs don't seem to mind) and they are not very photogenic. I don't know what is worse that I had dirty dog towels in front of my washer for over a week or that they were the first thing that I chose to wash.

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