Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Red Socks

I really should be working on my time-sensitive projects, but somehow I don't feel complete unless I have pair of socks on the needles. So, I cast on another pair of socks from Socks From the Toe Up. This is my third pair from this book and I have to say that I love the book. The only problem that I have with kitting socks from patterns in that they are always to wide. I think that it must be my family we must either have narrow feet or like tight socks. I think that I'll add some ribbing to the arch of the foot to snug them up a bit. I got this great red and black hand-dyed yarn from a yarn swap that I signed up for on ravelry.

Casting on these socks has meant that my scrappy blanket has to go on haitus because I am down to only one size 0 needle. I am always breaking this size and really should start ordering them in bulk. It is a good time for a rest thoutgh because I finished row two.

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Amy said...

Loving your scrappy blanket! The socks would be to die for around here--so many University of Georgia fans!