Friday, May 29, 2009

Farmin' away

I have not been blogging much, because mostly I was working on super secret projects. Ahh life would be much more simple is the blogging world and the real world did not overlap. The other reason that I have not been blogging is inertia. Once you get away from it is hard to get back or easy to stay away. I usually like to take the path of least resistance, but as I have some really cute knitting to that I can show off now that is has been given away here goes...
Look a little farmer I wonder what he could be doing?

Maybe he's looking for some friends

and here is the over view of the whole thing. If you are interested in what yarn I used here is a link to my Ravelry page on this project. I think most of the yarns are on there although I do need to update a few totals.

Now just one more super secret project to go.

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