Saturday, November 7, 2009

Sale yarn and gratuitous chick photos

I picked up this yarn the other day when I made a run to the South Bay yarn shops. Yarn shops in my area have been closing right an left, leaving me without a local yarn shop. I was looking for yarn to make the newsgirl cap for Lena and happened upon this yarn on sale.
I don't usually by blue yarn (especially blue yarn with flecks of pink and gray) and honestly I know why this yarn was 35% off. In the skein it really doesn't look that great, but I'd like to think that I saw past the outer skein into it's inner beauty. Maybe I was just blinded my the sale price, it had happended before. I put down my money and left the store with three skeins of this merino and silk bluenessWound into a ball it is looking more promising.
And knit up it looks even better. Lucky for me, I have someone in my life who loves the color blue and will be quite happy to take it off my hands when it it done. And that should be soon since I am already into the second skein of yarn. I'll show you it when it is done.

Okay, how is the time for all the chicken-phobic to look away.

Here is one of the new additions to our flock.
Isn't she cute. It was sure hard to get a good picture of her all by myself hopefully tomorrow one of the kids can help me chick rangle so that I can get some good shots of all of them outside in the daylight.

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Amy said...

That yarn does look so great all knitted up! Great catch. The chicks are so cute.

You won the giveaway on my blog! Congrats! If you email me your particulars I will get it right in the mail to you.