Monday, April 20, 2009

Knitting WIP's

For those of you who aren't in the know WIP stands for Work in Progress. Just about everything in my life seems like a WIP, but for this post I will be limiting myself to showing just the knitting WIP's. I actually have four, but one of them in top secret and can't be shown in this public space yet.

1. Here is the sweater I started last summer for Hubby.... I think is should be done just in time for this summer.... I am not really sure about my planning skills, but at least he won't grow out of it over the summer. The pattern is Cambridge Jacket by Ann Budd for any interested parties, but if you do try this pattern you will likely need to make the arms smaller and maybe the arm holes too.2. Here are the socks I am currently knitting. I try to always have a sock on my needles. The yarn is ONline Supersocke 100 Afrika Color. It has such long repeats in the pattern that I don't notic the repeat at all. The pattern is just my own every day toe-up pattern that I keep in my head.
3. This is a left over log cabin method throw a la the Mason-Dixon girls. So far I have not purchase any yarn to make this it is all partial skeins leftover from other projects. I may have buy some to finish it up with as I have run out of pinks and greens.

4. Top Secret.

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